Ep 96: Transparency and Accountability – Helping Organizations Thrive

Ep 96: Transparency and Accountability – Helping Organizations Thrive

Artificial intelligence is certainly top of mind for association leaders and board members. That’s why we are delighted to feature .orgSource Consultant, Sue Dykema, on today’s episode. Sue has over 27 years of experience working as CEO and in various managerial positions at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is an expert in guiding organizations to achieve strategic objectives. Her esteemed track record and deep roots in the association industry bring a unique perspective that we can all learn from to find efficient solutions and make wise decisions.

In this episode, Sue emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in associations to build trust and a positive culture for members. In addition, she discusses how board members can determine when artificial intelligence can be leveraged for tasks and when a human perspective is needed instead. Lastly, Sue shared her thoughts on how associations can reimagine governance in light of the shifting digital landscape.

All in all, Sue highlighted that technology is a tool to build productivity and associations need to be wise when incorporating it into their organizations. Listen in to learn how!

To get in touch with Sue, please email sue@orgsource.com or sherry@orgsource.com.

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