Ep 50: Advancing Educational Programs to Increase Value for Members

Our guest this week is Elizabeth Lepkowski, Chief Learning Officer at the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinology. She has also served as director of education at the American Society of Anesthesiologists and e-learning manager at the American College of Chest Physicians. Today, she shares her thoughts on education in the association industry and how programs are growing and changing, and what her organization is doing to meet those needs.

Ep 49: A Customer-Centered Approach in a Crowded Market

In today’s business landscape, technology enables digital transformation at warp speed. A customer-centered approach is critical to combat challenges as members expect you to cater to their individual preferences. Our guest for this week, Patrick Dorsey, EVP Marketing at Impexium, shares with us the new face of membership management and how to deliver intuitive and valuable services to your members to further your association’s mission.


Ep 48: Crafting a Winning Member Engagement Strategy in the Digital Age

Our guest for this week is Amanda Kaiser, a member engagement specialist and also an author and sought-after speaker who has presented in many prominent association venues. Recently, Amanda partnered with Matchbox Virtual Media to co-create the Virtual Networking Incubator and she shares what they discovered in that project. She also talks about the collaboration with Dynamic Benchmarking to develop the New Member Engagement Study and learn the trends in engaging new and old members. Lots of gold nuggets here. Don’t miss!

Ep 47: What Do I Want to be Famous For Within My Association?

This week’s guest is the IrishmanSpeaks Conor Cunneen, a keynote speaker and a consultant whose mission is to improve people, performance, and productivity with a smile! Conor walks us through strategies to ensure a great customer experience and how leaders should think about employee engagement. His great sense of humor on addressing challenging topics such as culture and change management will make listening to this episode such a breeze!


Ep 46: Preparing for the Future with Strategic Foresight

Disruptions will happen throughout history. The big question is, are you and your organization ready?  Our guest for this week is Robin Champ, a Senior Trainer and Consultant at LBL Strategies, focusing on strategic foresight and strategy management. She’ll walk us through on how we can integrate foresight in our strategic planning, looking for signals and trends, as we navigate our paths in Association 4.0.



Ep 44: Focusing on Culture to Recruit and Retain the Right People for Your Association

Having the right people is critical for any organization’s success. In today’s business landscape, the competition for recruiting and retaining talent has been extremely fierce. Bridget Walsh, Chief Operating Officer of the Emergency Nurses Association, shares the challenges and opportunities in attracting and retaining the right talent for her association – with flexibility and adaptability at its core.

Ep 43: Creativity and Innovation Set the Stage in Turbulent Times

Fear of the unknown is quite common, and doing things differently from how it used to be triggered a lot of hesitation in the association management industry. This week’s guest, Vivian Abalama, IOM, CAE, shares how her organization harnessed innovative solutions amid the pandemic as it shifted its focus to having more opportunities for mentoring, while creating more benefits to engage its members.


Ep 42: Transformational Leadership: Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Reality

We invite you to join in on the conversation as Sharon Kneebone, FASAE, CAE, Executive Director of the National Society for Histotechnology, talks to us about navigating forward as a leader in the association industry during this age of transformation. From shedding “sacred programs and services” that are no longer serving their purpose to developing foresight skills into an enterprise-wide competency, her insights are not to be missed!

Ep 41: Improving Organizational Agility in Today’s Changing Environment

This week’s guest, Alfred Spada, Executive Director of the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), talks to us how his association, in the midst of the pandemic, dove head on to rolling out valuable content and starting new initiatives to meet the insatiable thirst of its members to learn. Join the conversation to learn more on how NCSEA was able to diversify and extend its member reach despite the disruption, accelerating the different aspects of the association in more ways than one.