Ep 91: That’s So Fundamentally Human

Ep 91: That’s So Fundamentally Human

This episode of the Association 4.0 Podcast reveals a truth that practically everyone can relate to. The interest in networking and in person connection has never been more prominent than it is today in this post-COVID, technology-driven, world. That’s good news for associations and nonprofits, according to our guest, Kim Robinson, President of Frontline Co.

The demand for finding and connecting with like-minded people is only going to become more prevalent over the next few years. People appreciate in-person activities because of the isolation they’ve experienced during the pandemic and are craving human connection, says Robinson. This is how associations and nonprofits play such a huge role during this societal transition.

With their ability to bring industry professionals together over a common goal or interest, it’s clear the impact of associations and nonprofits isn’t dwindling anytime soon. Tune into this episode to learn more about opportunities for associations to engage their target audiences, how nonprofits can leverage artificial intelligence, and whether or not advocacy should be on an organization’s mind. Listen in!

To learn more about Kim Robinson and her team, visit https://frontlineco.com

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