Ep 90: Computers Just Don’t Make Mistakes

Ep 90: Computers Just Don’t Make Mistakes

Think of AI as a highly intelligent coworker or partner. It can help us create. It can help us predict. It can help us understand. It can help us see the hidden. While artificial intelligence can help elevate associations in numerous ways, our guest, David Reid, Owner of Strategic and Consulting Services, suggests that the software needs to be regulated and monitored by the right people. With a strong background working in the IT department for companies like AT&T, AmeriTek, and NASA, we’d say Mr. Reid knows a thing or two about this subject.

For the CEO’s sitting at their desks, looking at their associations wondering how in the world they are going to incorporate AI into their strategic plans, fear not, this episode is for you. In truth, the reality is that artificial intelligence isn’t coming…it’s here. According to Reid, you don’t really have a lot of time to wait and see where this AI thing is going. So don’t stand with your feet on the ground because the train is moving on. Tune in to this vibrant discussion to learn more about generative AI and how to leverage its knowledge in your organization or business.

To get in touch with David Reid, please email david@reid-iba.com.

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