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Ep 90: Computers Just Don’t Make Mistakes

Ep 90: Computers Just Don’t Make Mistakes

Think of AI as a highly intelligent coworker or partner. It can help us create. It can help us predict. It can help us understand. It can help us see the hidden. While artificial intelligence can help elevate associations in numerous ways, our guest, David Reid, Owner of Strategic and Consulting Services, suggests that the software needs to be regulated and monitored by the right people. With a strong background working in the IT department for companies like AT&T, AmeriTek, and NASA, we’d say Mr. Reid knows a thing or two about this subject.

For the CEO’s sitting at their desks, looking at their associations wondering how in the world they are going to incorporate AI into their strategic plans, fear not, this episode is for you. In truth, the reality is that artificial intelligence isn’t coming…it’s here. According to Reid, you don’t really have a lot of time to wait and see where this AI thing is going. So don’t stand with your feet on the ground because the train is moving on. Tune in to this vibrant discussion to learn more about generative AI and how to leverage its knowledge in your organization or business.

To get in touch with David Reid, please email david@reid-iba.com.

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Ep 88: AI Unleashed: Real-World Solutions and Results in Today’s Associations

Ep 88: AI Unleashed: Real-World Solutions and Results in Today’s Associations

Join us for an enlightening journey into the heart of how contemporary associations are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive unprecedented change and efficiency. “AI Unleashed: Real-World Solutions and Results in Today’s Associations” is an enriching conversation tailored for association leaders, technology enthusiasts, and innovation strategists. Our esteemed panelists are Jason Wampler, Senior Information Technology Executive of the International Society of Automation, Luke Vidacovich, Director of IT and Digital Strategy at the American Animal Hospital Association, and Brian Willard, Director of IT for the CCIM Institute.

From membership engagement, personalized communication, to data-driven decision-making, learn how associations of various sizes and sectors have effectively implemented AI solutions.

Ep 87: To Invest Or Not To Invest In AI

Ep 87: To Invest Or Not To Invest In AI

To invest in AI or not? That is the question so many associations face. While artificial intelligence may seem innovative and technologically advanced, organizations need to think hard about whether it’s the right move for their company.

Too often, our guest, Joseph Knecht, CEO of Proteus, sees associations fail after throwing everything they have into AI or a new software system. In their mind, investing in a new software should solve all their problems because it’s the “digital era.” However, Knecht suggests that associations become more “strategy-minded rather than software-minded” and to focus more on the needs of their customers or members.

“Know your customers and what they need from you and equip yourself with the right infrastructure to do that. In that order,” says Knecht.

It’s time to stop blaming marketing or another department for any low registration numbers and to start understanding what values your members seek from your organization and create a solid business model that reflects that.

Tune in to this wisdom-packed episode to learn more about how to leverage AI more effectively and tips to build an organization that will last for years to come. To learn more about Joseph Knecht and his company, visit https://www.proteus.co or email Knecht directly at jknecht@proteus.co.

Ep 77: Modern marketing technologies and strategies to build stronger connections

Ep 77: Modern marketing technologies and strategies to build stronger connections

This week’s guest is Chris Gloede, Chief Consultant at Ricochet. For over 25 years, Chris worked on-the-ground driving marketing experimentation and change for the world’s most notable brands, including BP, Chrysler, Kraft, Unilever, and more. He later brought innovation culture to the American Bar Association as its first-ever Chief Marketing Officer, reversing decades of membership decline. Chris and his team at Ricochet help associations and law firms leverage modern marketing technologies and strategies to build stronger connections to prospects, clients, and members.  Join us for this exciting conversation as Chris shares his view on the challenges and opportunities that associations experience while implementing MarCom technology, the impacts of AI, and his opinion about the best structures for future success.

Ep 75: Elevating Member Communication and Engagement through AI Advancements

Ep 75: Elevating Member Communication and Engagement through AI Advancements

Our Featured Guest for this week is Jay Daughtry, the Chief Communications Officer and Owner of C-cubed. With an extensive career spanning over two decades, Jay has established a robust reputation in account management, business development, marketing, and communications. C-cubed specializes in supporting clients across marketing, communications, and business development domains, often assisting organizations in expanding their capabilities through novel initiatives like test cases and pilot projects. Drawing from a diverse array of client experiences, Jay provides a unique perspective on associations and their operations. In this episode, he shares his insights, as well as his vision for the future of marketing in relation to new trends such as the application of AI. Stay tuned!