Ep 87: To Invest Or Not To Invest In AI

Ep 87: To Invest Or Not To Invest In AI

To invest in AI or not? That is the question so many associations face. While artificial intelligence may seem innovative and technologically advanced, organizations need to think hard about whether it’s the right move for their company.

Too often, our guest, Joseph Knecht, CEO of Proteus, sees associations fail after throwing everything they have into AI or a new software system. In their mind, investing in a new software should solve all their problems because it’s the “digital era.” However, Knecht suggests that associations become more “strategy-minded rather than software-minded” and to focus more on the needs of their customers or members.

“Know your customers and what they need from you and equip yourself with the right infrastructure to do that. In that order,” says Knecht.

It’s time to stop blaming marketing or another department for any low registration numbers and to start understanding what values your members seek from your organization and create a solid business model that reflects that.

Tune in to this wisdom-packed episode to learn more about how to leverage AI more effectively and tips to build an organization that will last for years to come. To learn more about Joseph Knecht and his company, visit https://www.proteus.co or email Knecht directly at jknecht@proteus.co.

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