Ep 86: We Don’t Have Conversations Like We Used To

Ep 86: We Don’t Have Conversations Like We Used To

In the hot seat this week, is North Carolina Association of CPA’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Soticheck. Mark weaves his extensive experience in accounting to this enlightening conversation with .orgSource’s CEO/Founder, Sherry Budziak. Together, they discuss how Artificial Intelligence has impacted their organizations, the potential demise of bookkeeping in associations, and when to unlearn any bad habits acquired over the last few years and reestablish new boundaries, new guides, and new ways of working together.

One of the simplest and most effective ways the NCACPA overcomes the challenges of communicating with their team, is by ensuring each person has their camera turned on during zoom meetings. This helps everyone become more intentional about their time and encourages their team to problem solve together.

Listen in to this episode to hear how Mark and his team create a balance between innovation and stability and to be reminded of the importance of being curious about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

To learn more about Mark Soticheck and his organization, visit https://www.ncacpa.org or get in touch with Mark directly at msoticheck@ncacpa.org.

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