Ep 85: Punks and Pinstripes

Ep 85: Punks and Pinstripes

Let’s face it. Most professionals in the world enjoy being liked. While being admired isn’t a bad thing, it could lead organizations to settle for the status quo again and again. In order for progress to be made, our guest, international keynote speaker, best-selling author, and CEO/Founder of “Punks and Pinstripes,” Greg Larkin, encourages the professional “punks” to rise up.

Many associations struggle with advancing their organizations, whether it’s a fear of rejection from their board or an aversion to the chaos when implementing new programs, change is hard. That’s why change was made for the “hard core” folks AKA the “punks.”

Greg Larkin has founded his business, “Punks and Pinstripes” on the belief that opposition is validation, and that outlier perspective makes “punks” uniquely capable of solving hard problems. We’re so excited for you to listen to Greg’s impactful tips for innovation and learn how to embrace the qualities that make you different in an organization. Let’s be punk on purpose!

You can connect with Greg Larkin on his LinkedIn page, join the www.punksandpinstripes.com community, read his internationally best-selling book, “This Might Get Me Fired,” or watch some of his talks with the .orgCommunity.

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