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Ep 41: Improving Organizational Agility in Today’s Changing Environment

This week’s guest, Alfred Spada, Executive Director of the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), talks to us how his association, in the midst of the pandemic, dove head on to rolling out valuable content and starting new initiatives to meet the insatiable thirst of its members to learn. Join the conversation to learn more on how NCSEA was able to diversify and extend its member reach despite the disruption, accelerating the different aspects of the association in more ways than one.


Ep 39: Discovering the Quality of Life You Want

Needing a place to sort our your goals, daily habits and rate your progress? Our guest for this week Tom Morrison, CEO of Metal Treating Institute Management, and Professional Speaker and Life Coach, talks about his personal development system – – a 25-week challenge, which allows you to input your annual goals, note your hurdles and rate how you feel you are doing in 16 key areas that drive your quality of life. Don’t miss this episode!

Ep 37: Leveraging the Power of Video and Multimedia

Our guest for this week, Dan Stevens, CEO of WorkerBee TV, has been helping associations for more than 14 years modernize the way they inform, educate, and inspire their community. Today, he discusses what associations should be thinking about when it comes to their overall content strategy – driving content that improves retention, recruitment, and revenue.

Ep 36: Building Strategic Partnerships to Address Current and Emerging Needs

This week’s guest, Dr. Thomas Dammrich, is a seasoned association executive with 42 years of experience in working with members to build consensus around an action agenda to improve their industry. Currently a Business Strategist at the National Association of Healthcare Quality, Thom talks to us about his leadership style throughout the years being at the helm of the different industries he has worked with. He also shares his thoughts on what association leaders need to do to connect the dots and address today’s needs as well as the emerging issues of tomorrow.

Ep 34: Uncertain Times Sharpen Focus on Inclusion and Diversity

The pandemic, albeit a difficult time, opened so many break throughs for innovation in the association space. This week’s guest Jacqualine Price Osafo, MBA, Executive Director at Society of American Archivists, talks to us about how the changes and opportunities in the midst of today’s business landscape opened more doors to shine light on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.