Ep 93: Moving Beyond Water Cooler Conversations

Ep 93: Moving Beyond Water Cooler Conversations

In honor of Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are delighted to have association legend, Richard Yep, CAE, FASAE, on the Association 4.0 Podcast. His 40+ years of experience working in the association world has truly made him an expert in understanding the current trends in digital transformation and artificial intelligence and how they can be applied to organizations. Yep is currently in the midst of writing a book that discusses the transition of bouncing off ideas with coworkers by the office water cooler, to turning to AI for advice.

A lifestyle change is evident in Yep’s eyes. For associations to remain relevant, they must understand how to maximize the potential of AI and how they can use it to improve their organization without losing their special sense of community and camaraderie.

Are the days of knocking on your CEO’s door for help long gone? Let’s find out in this wisdom-packed episode.

To get in touch with Richard Yep, email: Richard.k.yep@gmail.com

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